PANIDIS SA has privately owned building facilities at the 11th km of the old Thessaloniki – Kilkis road. The covered areas cover a total area of over 10,000 sq.m. and are distributed in two buildings. The first is the central unit, where the components for aluminum systems are produced and where the administration offices are located. The foundry operates in the second building. The design of the facilities is such as to allow the autonomous operation of each but also their cooperation, when this is necessary.


The company places great importance on the design process of its products from the very beginning of the birth and exploration of the idea to the final design and evaluation of the product. Having the appropriate human resources, but also the necessary technological equipment, it designs new and innovative products to meet the maximum needs of the market, which has made it a pioneer among the companies in the sector


Machine shop

For the best and fastest service, but also for the best quality management of the molds, a machine shop operates, where the company’s molds are completely manufactured and repaired

CNC centers

The company has fourteen vertical machining centers and two lathes of the latest generation of digital guidance, high-tech CNC machines, with automatic feeders and the ability to process from 10mm to 68mm for the production of aluminum parts

Κέντρα κατεργασίας CNC


The foundry is one of the most sophisticated and equipped foundries with automatic, robotic feeding zamak and aluminum casting presses, with a daily production capacity of over 12 tons.


Recognizing and anticipating market trends, the company has a complete anodizing line in 18-20μm thickness. The aim is to achieve the transformation of the metal surface into a surface resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions, such as those in areas near the sea. Anodizing is achieved by immersing the aluminum in a bath with an acid electrolyte solution. In other words, the anodization is essentially a controlled oxidation which is achieved at different thicknesses, specifically at 18-20μm

Ηλεκτροστατική βαφή

Electrostatic painting

The company has three electrostatic paint ovens with high production capacity as well as a small oven for faster and better service of small orders of special shades

Quality Control

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